When we all move up to a higher level and effectively disappear with our God into a higher God, for a microsecond there is a void, a blank, before it all starts again.
Then a new God is made complete with his archangels and this new God effectively creates a whole new existence.
But there is a master plan and this master plan is to create this new existence which is, effectively, a carbon copy of the previous existence and the one before that and so on, each new existence being a carbon copy of the previous.

This implies that you were created when existence first started and have been moving up through perfection, disappearing with that God and then being recreated over and over again.
It is not easy to comprehend but it is quite simply a pattern being created and recreated endlessly.
So, in effect, for countless eons of time you and everything else are being created and recreated.
If one could see all the levels of creation stacked on top of each other, you would see yourself being involved with creation after creation.

Now, we all have the impression that we are here for the first time and in a way we are. But God has the ability to create existence after existence.
To make things easy, a new God uses the formula that all previous Gods used.
So, quite simply, you, me and everyone are recreated using the life-form concepts that have always been used.
It is as simple as that.

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