Hi Bob, I don’t know if this question is out of bounds but I wanted to know what the GWB think of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. I ask not from an investment perspective but from an evolution in humanity perspective. The whole idea is that this new technology gives the power back to the people, and there is nothing the elites can do to stop it short of turning off the power grid.

It seems that this is a physical side effect of the energy shift that we all are now a part of. If this is true, then it means we will see the elites do unimaginable things to stop this. Knowing 100% that something exists that is out of their control and can never be controlled will mean hail marry time.?


Here is the answer.
There is change going on in many domains of life at the moment as a result in the shift of energies from negative to positive.
This, inevitably, will work its way through to change in the political and financial structures of a number of countries as negative influences are cast out, to be replaced by positive influences.
So, experiments are being carried out to see which type of new currencies can be introduced to replace the existing ones.
The financial decisions have not yet been reached and we do not like to speculate.
There is a tug-of-war being carried out between those who wish to retain existing methods and those trying to promote a new, more egalitarian, system.
This tug-of-war will go on for some time yet until the mechanism for a smooth transition is put in place.

But as far as we can see into the future, a change in the financial structure will occur.
Just when that change will be introduced is unclear as is also just what type of financial structure will be introduced.

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