Curse Or Bless A Person Or Object

To curse or to bless a person or an object, are two aspects of the same mental process. A curse or a blessing only works if the recipient of that curse or blessing is aware that they have themselves either been blessed or cursed or have a received an object that has been blessed or cursed. In itself, no object can be cursed. It is the belief that the recipient has that an object has been cursed that causes him to believe that the object is cursed and that, as he has received that object, he has received a curse.
It would be the same if a person was blessed or received an object that had been blessed. It is the belief that the recipient has that he has received a blessing that causes him to feel blessed.

So, the answer to your question is both yes and no. No object or person can actually be blessed or cursed but if the recipient of a blessing or a curse thinks that they have been blessed or cursed then they act accordingly and feel blessed or cursed.
However, a skilled black magician can summon an evil spirit, a Djinn, for example, and send that Djinn to annoy someone. But, once again, the person to whom the Djinn has been sent must be informed that an evil spirit has been sent to him. Then he has the choice of either accepting that Djinn into his life or to refuse to allow it access, in which case it will return to the black magician that sent it and it will harm the black magician. So, dealing in black magic in that sense can be a very risky business.


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