Deja Vu

Time, as we know it does not really exist. Everything is happening NOW.
However, we in this holographic illusion are a bit like as if we are on a train chugging along from second to second.

But, it is possible to jump a bit into the future – as it is part of the “now” – in which case we can see what is happening in this future.

We might use the analogy of being on a slow train and then jumping, for a moment, onto an express train going much faster than the slow one. So, we would see what was happening further down the line.

Then we jump back onto the slow train which would, eventually, catch up to the point where we saw something interesting from the window of the fast train. So, we see the event again from the point of view of the slow train – which we call our reality.
That is all “déja vu” is, jumping for a moment into the future and seeing what is happening there, then time catching up to that future point and we see it again.

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