Demons – EVP – Limbo

Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) is very dangerous.
If you use an EVP device, you may be contacting lost people in Limbo. Some of these people are just unfortunate people that failed, for some reason, to go to heaven. But also, there are people who were drug addicts, or alcohol victims, or generally nasty people.

But none of them are demons.

My strong advice to anyone is not to use these EVP devices.
You cannot help these lost souls. But you can become possessed by them.

Next, demons are in the lower 4th dimension. Heaven is in the higher 4th dimension.
When we cross over, we go to the higher 4th dimension so we have no contact with demons.
So, in my opinion, what you hear through an EVP device would not be a demon but just a lost soul in Limbo.

Limbo is in the etheric realms, which is between physicality and the lower 4th dimension.
Demons cannot leave the lower 4th, so they are not in Limbo, nor can they be in the higher 4th dimension.
Demons can’t speak. They are an energy force. Only a person can speak. Any voices coming through an EVP device is a lost soul playing with you to frighten you.
Some people get pleasure from frightening others.

In Limbo, there are guides and angels trying to guide these people to the light. But not all people want to go to the light.
Limbo is a horrible, dark, and dismal place, but it suits some people to live there.
But, as I said, there are no demons in Limbo.
I am not sure why some people go to Limbo, but once there they are trapped and lost.
However, all is not lost.
Specially trained guides and angels move amongst these lost souls and try to persuade them to be taken to the light.
Some accept and some don’t.

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