Depression often comes from people feeling lost, confused, and so on.
This recent illness that is sweeping the planet is creating that feeling. People feel lost, confused, helpless, and wondering what on Earth is going on.
Now, it is true that personality is contained in the astral regions and comes down to us via an aura, but we do have control of our personality.

We don’t have to worry about things that we have no control over. No matter what we feel, the answer is being dealt with by other people. We can do nothing to affect this illness, so why worry? We just need to take sensible precautions to protect ourselves and leave politicians to worry about what is going on.
Personally, I don’t worry about anything. I ask God to protect myself and others and leave God’s angels to protect us. It works.
Now, auras. The vast majority of all that we feel and so on is coming down to us from the upper 4th dimension via our auras.
Once again, if we live wrongly; eating the wrong food, drinking the wrong drinks, watching the wrong things on the Internet, and so on, causes upset in, not our auras but the chakras that act like valves controlling what we allow into our body from the auras.
Once again, we can control our chakras by correct living.
We don’t need to become saints but we do need to be kind to our body and kind to other people and animals. This is not rocket science, it is common sense.
So, to try to answer your questions in a few words, upset in our body, and mind, comes from us disturbing our chakras by eating the wrong food, thinking wrong thoughts, and not allowing our chakras to act as they should if we lived more at peace with ourselves.
So, to feel better, to be more healthy etc., all we need to do is to live in peace with ourselves and with others. Above all, stop worrying about things that you have no control over.
Now, I am not a doctor and if someone is ill I advise them to seek medical help but we can help ourselves by living correctly. Then the chakras will control what comes into our body from the auras.

Depression is the one great problem today.
It has been created by, first encouraging people to always seek more and more.
A better job. A bigger house. A newer car and so on.
Second, it has been created by all the problems that the world is involved in.
But, the trick with life is to be content with what one has and not to worry about what one has no control over.

If you wish to help others, your job is to understand the root causes of depression so that you can offer sound advice.
If you are able to raise people up, not by spouting spiritual messages to them that they may not understand, but by understanding their problems and offering sound advice about not worrying about keeping up with the Jones and not worrying about things that are outside of their control, perhaps this will help the depressed. Your guides will help you find the right words to help others.
You don’t need to wait for heaven. Create your heaven now with kind thoughts and kind acts. That is your mission. Do not doubt why you came here. Your job is to help others. That is the highest calling. That is what the master Jesus did. Follow in his footsteps by helping others and you will help create heaven on Earth.

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