Obviously, race discrimination is a bad thing and should not happen because we are all aspects of the one God, and are all, deep down, exactly the same.
However, introducing many races into basically white countries has been used as a weapon by evil people. Let me explain this.
During WW1 and WW2, for example, countries like England were basically white.
I was born in 1939, just as WW2 was starting.
But, in London, for example, where I lived, we all pulled together through the hardships that war imposed.
In any street, the people all knew each other and if any family was in difficulty, the neighbours rallied round to help that family.
So, Hitler could never beat the British spirit.
So, immigration was introduced and, nowadays, hardly any family really knows its neighbours.
So, in times of hardship, community spirit is not as strong.
But, in the long term, we will all learn to accept all people as ourselves and we will all join together in times of hardship.
So, to answer your question, immigration was introduced as a weapon to divide people but it will fail. In time we will all live as one.
So, please try to accept all people regardless of their race, creed or colour.

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