Disformed Babies

I have a question, this Logos. A stamp for our reality and everything that is meant to us is predetermined.
What of those kids, who are born disformed/die of diseases. Was it that they were meant to be that way? Or was their Logos prevented from reaching them by Archonic entities etc??

This has already been answered by the Great White Brotherhood so I will give you the answer.

When a person decides to incarnate here on planet Earth, many decisions are taken by the young person about to incarnate in conjunction with guides, angelic forces and even DNA (which can, to a certain extent, think and act as if it were alive).
So, it is possible that a person would choose to incarnate into a body that was less than perfect in order to experience life from that point of view.
Sometimes however, as the body is growing in the mother’s womb, deformations can take place.

In that case, a number of choices are made.

It is possible that the young person decides not to incarnate and the baby will be stillborn.
Or another young person can decide to take the place of the original one and be born in a deformed body.
Or the young person decides to incarnate in that deformed body and so his life plan will be slightly altered to take account of the deformed body and the experiences that it will present do the person incarnating.

In no case can evil forces harm the embryo baby. The whole process is closely monitored by spiritual forces that protect the baby.


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