The drug known as DMT has been described as having miraculous properties in opening the mind to higher realms, greater wisdom.  In fact no drug can actually do this.

What the DMT drug actually does is release the connective barrier between the higher mind and the normal mind/brain.

Thus the mind is flooded with information that is already stored in the higher mind.

People who follow the meditative path also do the same but it is done in a gradual, more controllable fashion enabling the student of spirituality to retain the knowledge contained in the higher mind in a controlled fashion.

It is all well and good opening a floodgate to a dam and allowing vast amounts of water to pour out but much of it would go to waste.

What is required is a controlled flow of water that can be used in domestic and commercial situations.

So DMT is not a container of higher knowledge.

It opens the gate between higher and lower mind.

The same can be achieved through meditation with the advantage that the information is released in a controlled fashion.

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