Do All Humans Incarnate On Earth?

To understand incarnation, we need to understand a few things.

1) Not everyone in heaven incarnates. As we are sent to an oversoul, we are shown many things. We are taken on tours of heaven and hell. We are shown how life develops. As we do this, so advanced teachers monitor our responses to what we see. Some people, it is obvious, do not need to incarnate and so their education continues endlessly in the heavenly spheres.

However, it also becomes obvious that some people could benefit from an earthly incarnation. If the person agrees, he/she is trained for that incarnation.

2) That incarnation is for a specific purpose – a bit like going to school. Once that incarnation is finished, the person returns to his oversoul in heaven and, from there, he/she continues to learn from the many classes (experiences) available for study in the heavenly spheres.

3) An incarnation is not an easy thing to organize. It takes a vast amount of work to prepare someone to incarnate in a specific family, in a specific country, speaking a specific language and having specific experiences. Everything is for the education of the person being considered for incarnation.

In the meantime, there are others who are awaiting their turn to incarnate.

So, it is considered that one incarnation is sufficient and, from there, the education continues in the heavenly spheres.

The concept of reincarnation is an Archon concept created to cause fear and despondency in simple people by telling them that there is no escape from the wheel of everlasting incarnations, everlasting misery of life here on Earth.
But, it is not true.
We all come here just once and then we return to the peace, love and bliss of our homes in heaven.

Thank you,
Bob Sanders

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