Do Demons Have The Spirit Of God Within Them?

If you say that our human souls are stamped by God and have the essence of God inside them… then what about the demonic souls or spirits. Aren’t they the creation of God as well and would have the spirit of God inside them?

Yes, they were created by the Directors of life, just as we were. The difference is that they have a different job to do.
They are the trash men of life, the garbage disposal men.
Their job, initially, is to dispose of stuff that has died. So, they play an important role in the balance of life and death, growth and decay. Let us call them the angels of chaos.

Now, this is all very well until either they, or people, decide to interfere with life.
Then, when they realise that they can cause harm, create wars, which kill people more quickly, they can create more work for themselves to dispose of the dead bodies. So, this is where evil comes in.

The angels of chaos have learned, that they can cause more and more chaos quite easily and so they do.
Evil people have learned that they also can harvest this chaotic energy, and they do.
So, we see all around us, wars and chaos.

However, it is because the angels charged with clearing up the remains of dead creatures have been let free to cause harm.

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