Do We Exist In The Matrix?

If I assume, that you have left school and gone out into the adult world, we can see an example of this matrix world.
For a number of years, from the age of about 5 to 15, each morning, you had to get up and drag yourself off to a building, where you were subject to all that went on in the school – learning different subjects, doing sporting events and so on. Each morning you went through the gates of the school and were involved with whatever went on there.

Then, one day, you left.

The next time you walked past the gates, you knew that you would never again, enter that world.
That is an example of the matrix world.
A synthetic world that seemed so real for 10 years but was only a small part of life. It was real but not real at the same time.

I understand that, when we die and go to heaven, we look back at our life here on Earth and realise, that it was only a sort of dream, in the totality of our endless existence.
As we advance through the spiritual realms, we see each previous one as synthetic, real but not real.
It is, apparently, only when we reach the Godhead, that the matrix ceases.

Thank you,
Bob Sanders

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