Do We Reincarnate Or Don’t We?

Edgar Cayce mentions reincarnation many times, so I enquired from my guides, what he meant.

Do we reincarnate, or don’t we?

I was told that Cayce mentioned reincarnation as a means for the people of his time, to understand the point that he was making, but he actually knew that it was not strictly correct.

What happens is that, when we die, we give all the information that we have learned during our incarnation, to our oversoul.

This oversoul creates a new person to come to Earth, but puts within its higher self, all the information from all the previous people that the oversoul had created.

So, in a way, the new person created by the oversoul could, in a way, be considered a reincarnation, because that new person has all the information from all the other people that the oversoul had already created and had incarnated here on Earth.

So, the new person, although completely different from the person that recently “died”, could be considered a type of reincarnation.

Although it has its own distinct personality, it also has all the knowledge, hidden away in their higher self, from all the previous people that the oversoul had created.

Unless the person was able, or learned how to contact their higher self, the person would never know of any of this information, or know that it is even there, and that they could learn from the other people, who had incarnated before, from their shared oversoul.

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