Does God Care?

The problem comes when we separate God and us as if God was one thing and we were another. The truth is that you are God, made by God and God created you as a way of getting experience by giving you a sort of independence. But you are actually God who made himself look and act like you. So, you are God pretending to be you.
It is the same for all people and all things.
Everything is just God pretending to be a grain of sand, a plant, an animal, a human, a planet, a galaxy.
So, if God decides to let a sort of play unfold and in this play, nasty things happen, it is all God letting this play unfold so that he can grow in experience by what people do.
We all have free will to a certain degree.
There are two sorts of people.
1. The vast majority who know that we should be good, kind people.
2. The few who are psychopaths.
The good people don’t deliberately cause harm but the psychopaths think it is OK to hurt people in whatever way they can devise.
But they are all God pretending to be those people.
So, try to understand that it is not God that doesn’t care. God creates all things and then waits to see what happens.
It is because God gave us free will that we can do either good or bad.


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