We can tell you that, hidden amongst the truth of many subjects, is information either created by others or that the person himself has created in order to enhance his appearance of being knowledgeable on a particular subject or has been given false information by outside entities to spread untruth.

Now, with regard to Dolphins, whales and associated creatures, they were introduced, as were all animals, by the Directors of Life, to inhabit the Earth.
There is no life on the surface of any planet in our galaxy except for planet Earth which, as we have explained is itself just an illusion.
So nothing can come from nor be imported from any other planet as they, too, only exist in the collective mind and have not been given any life by the angelic beings who create illusionary reality. It is sufficient to create imaginary planets who are so far away from man’s curiosity that they did not need to waste energy creating illusionary animals on those illusionary planets. It was sufficient to create the planets and leave them bare of life.

Dolphins were created by imagination in the astral realms and the logos implanted on Earth to create Dolphins, whales and so on.
They formed from the logos taken from other dimensions and placed on Earth by the Directors of Life.

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