We have a physical brain that controls our movements and thoughts when we are awake.
We also have a spiritual equivalent that is called the mind.  This is invisible but lies quiescent until we go to sleep.  That is not exactly true but is close enough to help when we explain dreams.
So, the physical brain controls all our vital functions: heart, respiration, controlling  bodily temperature, plus movements, speech, problem solving and so on.
But when we sleep, most of this stops.  Our vital functions continue but we no longer think in quite the same way.
Then our mind wakes up and takes over.
Our mind is in close contact with something called imagination.
So mind uses imagination to create little plays, scenarios, videos – call it what you will – that enables us to put our daily experiences in order to help us deal with life.
The actual daily experiences are stored in the Akashic Record and are accessed through the higher mind (higher self) and passed to imagination and mind, but that is a different story.
So, mind creates, with the help of imagination these little plays that we see as dreams.  They are created in the imagination plane.
Generally, they are personal to us.
It is not possible, in the dream state, to interact with other people until we are very advanced and can do lucid dreaming.  That also is a different story.
So dreams are our mind using imagination to play with our experiences and help us cope with them.
They are personal to us.
When we awake, generally, we instantly forget dreams because, upon awakening, our brain takes over, the mind shuts up and so we do not remember dreams.


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