Ego – Higher Self – ID

When God decided to make life, He created countless points of life and put the totality of himself into every one of these points of life.

These points of life are what we call the higher self.  Each one contains the totality of God – not a part but the totality.

Let us now make a huge jump and get to the point where oversouls and archangels exist.

Our oversoul – yours and mine – decided to make you. So he sent out a message to the archangels, the directors of life, and requested a point of life.  The archangels took a point of life – a higher self – and imbued it with a force that made it a human.  It was then passed to our oversoul.

The oversoul created you.

Over time you came down through the realms to the point where you were going to be born. By now you had chosen your family, country, skin color and you developed your personality.

At some point you were given something we call the “ego”. You needed this because you were going to be born on Earth and needed a protective armor.  The ego is that protective armor.  It is a shield that is placed within and around you to help you in this fight or flight world in which we live.

Unfortunately this ego gives everybody a sense that this is the real person. When you talk about “you”, it is your ego talking.  You feel separate from everyone else.  You feel the need to defend yourself from an invading force that is trying to harm you.  That is the job of the ego.  It is because of ego that we have the horrible world that we see and which you investigate.

But this ego is not you. You are the point of life – the higher self – that was taken and turned into you.  This point of life is God Himself.

However, you can’t have both operating and controlling you. You either let your ego run your life or you let your higher self control your life.

In your case, and in the case of most people, the ego is in total control and so the higher self takes a back seat and waits for the day when you decide to reduce your ego and allow Him to take control. He is patient.

Through meditation it is possible to reduce the ego and allow the higher self to take control.

Now, you may have noticed that I spoke of you allowing ego or higher self to take control as if you were neither of these things but something else.

You would be quite correct.

There is another aspect of you that you may never have heard of although we have discussed this.

There is something called an ID.

We are getting into deep waters here because the ID , there is only one of. Everybody who has lived, is living or will live has the same ID.  That is because we are all one.  This ID  is also the totality of God.

So you have the totality of God in you as an individual and there is the totality of God in a global sense. You can’t get much more God than that!

The point is that the way that you feel now is because your ego is running the show. It is possible to allow the higher self take over, which is actually you as an individual, and, eventually, you can progress to the point where you realize your oneness with all life and then the ID  takes over.

Bit complicated I know but that is the truth. You are not your ego battling to defend itself against opposing forces, you are your higher self until the moment when you can make the leap of realizing we are all one, then it is the ID that runs the show.

Ego – higher self – ID.

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