Elongated Skulls

The skeletons of beings with elongated skulls that are found or depicted in paintings in Egypt,  were a race of beings, part of the DOL experiments to see which races would survive.

It must be said that the experiments conducted by the DOL were not only done long ago when life was first put on Earth, but is done also after periodic ELE’s and every time there is an opportunity to introduce a new aspect of humanity – or animal life – on Earth.

So, these beings, basically human, were introduced and had superior brain capacity.

However, as has been mentioned in previous messages, many people have been open to attack by Archons.  The elongated skull people were prime targets and were quickly put into positions of power, both in Egypt and the South Americas and, to a lesser extent, on other continents also.

However, over time this group of beings were realized to be a mistake.

Humanity was not ready for such powerful people.

So steps were taken to eliminate them from all over the world, which took a certain time, by introducing illnesses that gradually caused them to die out.

No violence was used, which is more than can be said for the suffering that this Archon influenced group inflicted on their peoples.

So all that remains today of this unfortunate group are paintings on temple walls and a few skulls.

They were a failed experiment.

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