Etheric Versus The Astral

What’s the difference between the Etheric and the Astral realm?

The etheric realms are a sort of mist that surrounds the body and are actually there to help incorporate the information from the astral realms into our physical body.
When we ‘die’, the etheric mist gradually dissolves. It is not a permanent feature.
The astral realms are permanent dimensions, first created by God, and each one contains, individually, all the information that we require to make us who we are.
Information from the astral realms passes into the etheric realms and then into our body (or mind).
So, the astral realms are the very important dimensions that exist permanently but the etheric realms just link the astral realms to our physical body.
We could say that the etheric realms are connected to physicality but the astral realms – or dimensions – are spiritual (non-physical) in nature.
At our death the physical body and the etheric connection also dies but our spirit, connected to the astral realms lasts for ever.

We have a ‘physical body.’ Attached to our physical body is a sort of cloud that stretches out for a bit. That is the etheric realm. That etheric realm is everywhere but it is just a bit higher in frequency than our physical realm. It can easily be seen by anyone who trains themselves to see into it.
But the astral realms are of higher frequency.
There are 8 in all, but are almost impossible to see.
Now, there are creatures of all sorts that can be in any of these realms.
The problem is that all these realms – etheric and astral are attached to us and are influencing us all the time.
If we reach out with our minds into these realms, we can sometimes see the creatures that live in them.
As I said, what we see is what is projected at us by these creatures, because they are not solid like us and can project into our minds what they want us to see, or what we think we are seeing.

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