Expansion Of The Universe


Hi Bob, how are you! I wanted to discuss with you about the expanding universe from a scientific point of view and the expanding consciousness from a spiritual view. Before I had begun my correspondence with you thru emails, I’ve been very much curious to know certain things about our physical realities from earth to space and beyond. The problem was and is that string theory / particle physics explained certain things about our world but did not explain, let alone come to a solid conclusion, of how our realities work or what goes on beyond the capabilities of our man made telescopes. Science that we use on earth basically comes down to just theories, and a very limited one because we categorize everything into our own limited understanding just so that our limited brains can comprehend what is going on. Since our correspondence and getting to know spirituality and raising our vibrations in the spiritual realms, it opened me up to a whole different perspective… one that feels right, lingering, and surprisingly not so far-fetched to believe.

In your book, you talk about the expanding consciousness, that the collection of lessons among us as spiritual beings and the way we all come together to form a collective group and that as we gather as one with our collection of lessons here on earth, consciousness expands. Right?

Come to think of it now, when scientists say that space is expanding, I really think they are talking about consciousness expanding. Except they see it thru math and theories and telescopes and really missing the spiritual aspect of it…which I think is the ultimate key in realizing that not everything that we see, touch, hear and experience should be about labelling and giving it a category to understand things within our limited, physical human brain.


Bravo, you have got it exactly right.

What you see in the physical universe is created by our individual and collective consciousnesses acting in physical sense creating the hologram.

The average scientist is stuck in what they can see, touch, smell and quantify. They refuse to accept that all this physical stuff is just the end result of a long process of consciousness creating this “reality” in order for us to have physical experiences as we progress on the path to perfection. While they dismiss the reality – invisible consciousness – as mumbo jumbo, they will never get out of the maze of ignorance.

The problem is that the spiritual aspect of life has been linked to religion.

Both the protagonists of religion and the scientists have built an impenetrable barrier between spirituality and science.

Until they realise that they are looking at the two sides of the same coin, they will never progress.

The cause is fear and ego.

Science is terrified of opening the Pandora’s box of religion (spirituality actually, which is not the same thing as religion) and having to start all over again and religion is terrified to admit that there is a physical aspect to spirituality.

So they all cling to their half baked theories.

Even religions have only got a fraction of the truth of what is going on.

However, all is not lost.

There are more and more people like you and I who are delving into the reality of life and puzzling out what is going on.

There are a number of black ops scientists that are being taught by positive ET’s of the reality.

Eventually, it must and will break through to mainstream science that the whole universe is part of a complex, multi layered structure created from the consciousness of all the creatures and humans that have ever lived, are living or will come in what we call the future, which is actually “now” separated by consciousness.

So, yes, the universe is expanding as consciousness expands.

Put the whole of it together and you have “God”, the all that is.

Another no – no for scientists.


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