I will try to explain how it works – it is called “faith”.

Remember that Jesus said, ‘If you had faith like a mustard seed, you could move mountains.’

Now, the way that it works, is to realise that God already knows your needs before you do.  He is willing to fulfill those needs, providing we do a simple thing.  We have to recognise that God is our father (as Jesus called Him) and our father will look after his children.  So, we just have to know, that our father will provide for us, all that we need, when we need it.  We have to have absolute faith that our father will provide for us.

After all, that is what a young child does.  He does not question where the money comes from to provide what he needs, he just knows that, when he is hungry, a meal will be put in front of him.  When he needs clothes, clothes will appear, and so on.  The child has faith that his parents will provide.  The child has absolute faith that he will be looked after.

Now, in our case, to make all this work, we need to do three things:

  1. Prayer to God, thanking Him for looking after us;
  2. Meditation, so that we strengthen the link between us and the God spheres, and;
  3. By helping other people as much as possible.

By following those acts assiduously, we align ourselves with the God powers.

It is important to understand that we must never do any of the above in the hopes of getting some help. We must do it out of pure love for God, and out of unconditional love for our fellow man.

If you pray etc., in the hopes of getting some reward, it doesn’t work.

We must develop faith, that we need to do the prayer, meditation and helping others, out of love for all things and, at the same time, we must hang on to the certainty that God will look after us.

We must never ask God for anything.  We work for God, and God rewards us by whatever is appropriate at the time.

Now, we have to be sensible with this.

It is no good meditating three times and expecting that God will provide a magnificent temple for someone to teach in.

We must meditate etc., and just go about our daily round as before.  But we must keep a positive outlook on life.

When we start to follow the spiritual path, we become disciples, in a way – initiates.  So, we are different people to what we were before.

We work as before, but not for money, but for the love of man and of God.  Then, even when we are rewarded by money, we recognise that money is not the just reward for all the hard work we have put in, but a reward by God for serving Him, and for helping his children (the public).

It may be the same money from the same source, but we look at it differently.

Gradually, over time, we find that the help that we give people alters and grows, and the money or material things come as and when needed.

It is a long, slow process, of allowing our faith to grow.

We must never plan ahead.

We serve God today as best we can, and leave the long-term decisions to Him.

One day at a time.

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