Fallen Angels

It is possible to have to take some classes again?
Even angels can fall, so can humans, and you can end up getting stuck on Earth for a long time.
Why do you think so many souls are down here?

You must remember, that we have been under the domination of the Archons, for some 300,000 years and so, they have had plenty of time to indoctrinate us with false ideas.
But we are moving into a time of spiritual light.
The time of the Archons is rapidly drawing to a close.

All the nonsense that you might read in the Bible is largely false.

What the Archons do is to take truth, turn it upside down and present it as evil. It is easy to see through the Archon nonsense. Just use your brain.

Do you think that God would create magnificent beings – angels – and these angels would turn against their father God? Why would they do this? Does it have the ring of truth to it and does it “feel right”?
Angels exist for a purpose but there are no fallen angels.
It is Archon nonsense.

Man cannot fall either.
We have free will and if someone wants to do evil during his incarnation, he must rebalance his life once in heaven again, but he is not irrevocably fallen. He has just taken the wrong road.

There are more and more people incarnating because we are splitting into two groups. The spiritual ones and those that decide not to follow the spiritual path.
It is a bit complicated to describe the future but we will have the ones that refuse to ascend and they will die out eventually and those that will ascend and we are moving into this wonderful new life that God is sending to us.

So, life will balance itself again.

Thank you,
Bob Sanders

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