Feline ET Race

Q: How can I connect with the Feline ET race without getting manipulated by other negative and manipulative beings such as archons?

A: The beings that are spoken about with various shaped heads are either created robots or they are stories made up to fool a gullible public for various reasons.

All true aliens live in the astral realms, are basically human and, if observed, would be seen as spheres of light.
So, the feline race spoken about, as far as we are concerned, does not exist and has been invented by people hoping to create an enterprise for themselves selling books and giving lectures.  But the felines are a figment of the imagination of a person.

Q: Bob Sanders thank you for your information. But how about the Pleiadeans? Are they made up as well? 🙁

A: There may be aliens who hang about in the astral areas close to the Pleiades but the tall, beautiful beings seen are usually tall whites – or Nordics, who are the same race – and live in the caverns under the Earth.
There are no aliens directly from the surface of a planet in the Pleiades.

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