Fiery Pit Of Hell

The concept of a fiery pit that people associate with the concept called hell comes, of course, from the Archons.

When they created religions it was, in their eyes, necessary to create punishment for any and all misdeeds and so it occurred to them that the worst thing that they could create was a fiery pit where god threw anyone who did not conform to any particular religion, complete with everlasting suffering inflicted on them by demons and Imps working under the direction of this heartless god.

They did this because religions were first introduced into the middle East. Those countries are hot and so people suffered from the heat.

Thus, it made sense to the Archons to push the concept of heat to its limit.

So the concept was introduced into at least two of the major religions and seized upon with great eagerness by the priests in order to terrorize their congregation.

This concept exists to this day and is still propounded from pulpit to terrorize people.

Thus, people who have been brought up in a religion that expands this false doctrine, if they have a near death experience, before quite losing consciousness, enter a state where they expect to go to this burning hell as they still consider themselves guilty of various things and think that they are unworthy of going to Heaven.

So, with their imagination, they create this image and it remains uppermost in their mind even though they might, in fact, proceed down the tunnel of light towards heaven.

The concept of going to hell remains uppermost in their memory and so, when they return to physical life, that is what they describe.

But it is just imagination rather like a bad dream. It has no place in reality.

The truth is as we have described in various books and publications.

It is high time that this lie was chased from the words and writings of misguided Preachers.

It will fade gradually as people start to comprehend spirituality and the noble, loving nature of God and that replaces the heartless tyrant invented by religions.

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