Flat Earth

My spirit guides have told me that the planet Earth is a globe and that the concept of a flat Earth is, today, an Archon invention to provoke dissention, provocation, division amongst people instead of coming together as one people working to cause the ascension process to work more quickly.

The original Flat Earth Society was conceived by Samuel Rowbotham (1816-1884).

It was the custom in those days for rich people to invent all sorts of societies as an excuse to meet, have a good meal, drink a lot and pass time together because there was no radio, no TV, no Internet and rich people got bored just sitting at home.

It was never meant to be taken seriously.   It was just an amusement, and excuse for those people to go out and have fun together.

Now, of course, people being more confused about reality, it has been introduced again in order to provoke the distraction of people’s minds from the real task we all face which is how to achieve ascension.

This Archon plan seems to be gaining momentum which is very sad.



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