(I am going to quote exactly what one of my guides said on the subject)

‘When we have offended against another, it is not the individual that we have attempted to harm, but the God made manifest in the life of that man. God would never take revenge against us.  His love is total.  Therefore we realize that we have made the cardinal error of offending against someone whom it is impossible to hate because God is total love.  We also realize that we are part of God.  In offending against another, we are attempting to hurt a brother and our Father (God).  We also are made in God’s image.  We have a spark of God in us.  It follows that when we attempt to hurt another we must be attempting to hurt the same God that is present in both parties.  We are, therefore, attempting to hurt ourselves.  Such a foolish act of harming ourselves can only be pardoned by ourselves.  Once we realize this fact and are sorry that we were foolish enough to harm ourselves by attempting to harm another, we are in a position to observe the actions of those who would harm us and forgive them “For they know not what they are doing.”

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