Global warming is a natural phenomenon.
As we are being bombarded with positive rays called Ascension, so the frequency of the rays coming to Earth, and to other planets, is increasing.
This is causing an effect similar to that which occurs in a microwave oven.
This effect is natural and, largely, beneficial.
This effect will continue and will increase slowly for a number of years so the way people live will have to change.
Sea levels will rise and coastal areas will shift inland.
However, there will also be an increase in the amount of water in underground wells, lakes and streams.
There will be an increase in rainfall in certain areas resulting in some areas where food is being grown now where it will be difficult, whereas other areas will become fertile.
It is up to man to adapt to these changes.

Dig wells to tap into underground water sources, create desalination machines to purify sea water which will already be much diluted due to melting icebergs (already pure water).
Man will become accustomed to living in warmer climes and life will continue.

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