Goat Man

Goat man does indeed exist. It is actually a thought form invented a long time ago.

People visualised the devil as a creature with horns etc.

This thought form blossomed in the imaginations of man until, in the etheric realms, it took shape, the shape that is sometimes of the observed (goat man – the devil)

Now, in some of the forests of North America – and others around the world – ceremonies of certain kinds were conducted in the past – and even to this day.

First by Native Americans, then by slaves and then by farmers all who hoped to influence the gods to help them improve their lives or to bring the downfall of their opponents.

In the case of Native Americans, their opponents were the white settlers and soldiers.

In the case of Slaves, the opponents were their masters.

And early settlers prayed for the downfall of other settlers so that they could claim their land and thus increase their profits.

Many of the ceremonies were carried out in secret in the forest. This created centres of evil activity.

Thus, the etheric Goatman was and is drawn to those centres of evil activity because, being evil thought forms themselves, the law of mutual attraction draws them to certain areas where these black magic ceremonies were conducted.

So, it is when people, by chance, camp in such an area that they see Goatman or, indeed one of the small number of negative thought forms that live in the low etheric realms.

These thought forms are not real but, by combining with the negative energies floating in certain areas are able to form a visible image. If they were to leave that area they would be less visible to the naked eye.

They do not have much power, only the power to frighten people. They cannot physically harm anyone.

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