Göbekli Tepe

Göbekli Tepe is a mysterious but beautiful site that was constructed long ago – far longer than the estimated time attributed to its construction – at a time when humanity was fairly advanced, just before one of the extinction level events that killed most of humanity, forcing the survivors to start again, plunged back into the stone age.

With these early times, technology had not developed as it has today with all the oil based products that rape the Earth of its life essences; plastics, etc.

Stone was used for many constructions, the peoples of that time realizing that the use of stone did not harm the planet but also left imperishable monuments to their works, hoping to help future generations.  People of that time looked ahead instead of just looking for a quick term profit as is done today.

When news of this extinction level event reached the ears of Göbekli Tepe, they covered the place with Earth to preserve it for future generations.

Now, the question asked is why was it built?

Quite simply, Göbekli Tepe was a city that a number of people lived in.

As explorations uncover more of the site they will discover houses and various other constructions suggesting human occupation.

Much was built from stone.  Any wood used has long since rotted.

Why are no tools found?

Just as in constructions made today, the workers, when when they had finished building something cleared their tools so that they had them when they moved on to a new project.

When the extermination event became clear, all the pots, pans and other aids to life were packed up and the people moved out.

No doubt, when sufficient of the site is uncovered, broken shards of clay pots will be discovered but we wish to make it quite clear that the inhabitants of that city did not leave in panic.  It was a slow and orderly retreat to higher ground.

As the extinction level event also involved Earth shifts, most of these people expired anyway but the city, covered in Earth did survive, waiting to be discovered by modern man.

It is difficult for us to put a precise date on that site but we can say that there was an extinction level event some 50,000 years ago so it is possible that the site was abandoned then.

We cannot be more precise than that as even we do not have unlimited access to Earth’s history.

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