God And Archangels

What Is The Relationship Between God & The Archangels?

As we have stated many times, this entity, you refer to as God, is a force that has always existed and is actually all that is, which means that, everything has life and has consciousness which implies that, if it is true that God made everything in his image, if we have consciousness – self awareness – God must also have that attribute.
But the problem is, that the more people approach the throne of God, the more they realize, that God is not conscious, in any manner that we could relate to.

One would imagine, that the closer one became to God, the greater would be the levels of all the positive attributes; love, compassion, understanding and consciousness but, in fact, we find that these are attributes that God’s Archangels have and that God, itself, does not really exist in any measurable form and so, cannot have consciousness, nor any of the other attributes we just mentioned.

God created life – and that is all.
The Archangels realised, that love in all its variants, was essential to furthering life or it could not develop, so the Archangels created everything.
It is a difficult and somewhat disappointing fact, to realize that God is “just” the creative force and has no emotion whatsoever.

Thus, not to confuse people, we tend not to talk too openly about this subject and advise you not to also. It is better to think of God as a loving father, rather than just a force, that created life.
It also implies that, as we approach perfection and develop more and more our love for all life, we have to, eventually, let go and become God like, which is to say… neutral entities.
Life is more complicated than that but what we have said, will give you food for thought.

Where Did The Archangels Come From?

This is a subject, that is difficult to answer because we do not like to speculate and the creation of these Archangelic beings, goes back long before our records began.
We do have information about galaxies, that were created long before our galaxy – in all its dimensions – was created and we are attempting to describe this galaxy to you in book 4 – The Dawns Of Life.

But it may be, that God existed long before that far distant time but we have no factual records, upon which to draw.
We do note, however, that the Archangels were around with God, as far back as we can trawl, so we get the impression, that they and God, have made a team for a very long time indeed.

As to where they came from, who knows? Certainly not us.
We can state, that if it was not for these various beings, life as we know it, would not be.
God creates life and the Archangels create the rest. Life is an invisible concept. There is nothing visible to be observed with life.

It is unmeasurable, even to the most advanced of us and all we know is, that it exists.

Therefore, we cannot, in all honesty, state where and how the Archangels were created.

We just accept that they are there, putting the will of God into practice.

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