If God Is Good Then Why Do Bad Things Happen?


This is B.S., why would a kind God create a world like this if he didn’t have a cruel streak a mile wide?


Believe it or not, you are the only one in the whole of creation, and throughout all time that is having your experience. Your brother, sister and parents might be having similar experiences but they are not the same as yours.

As you go outside your house, other people are having different experiences, some widely different from yours.

Now, this is because we all create our reality.

If it is true that we create our reality, it implies that, if we don’t like it, we can change it.

This is a secret that has been kept from us by the Illuminati for a long time.

They want us to feel that we are hopelessly trapped in a hell hole.

But it is not true.

The secret to changing our life is meditation.

When we meditate, we fill ourselves full of spiritual power and we rise above this 3D world.

Then, from that height, we can alter our life.

I said in a recent video, that the higher the vibration, the easier it is to manipulate things.

So, we can’t alter our life from this 3D level but we certainly can from a higher vibration, a higher reality.

Meditation is the key.

That is why you have never been taught to meditate.

Meditation is the key to being able to create the life that we really want.

If everyone learned to meditate, wars would stop. The chaos would stop and even many of the natural disasters would stop. They are the result of the horrible thought forms flying around in the Etheric realm.

So, if you don’t like the world that you live in, learn to meditate and you can move to a parallel universe where it is much better.


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