God – Starlight


Bob, does light come from the outside in or does the light come from inside us outwardly projected?


The answer is both.

Everything that we see around us is actually God pretending to be something.

A human, an animal, a rock or stone, a planet, a Galaxy is actually God pretending to be those things.

God creates all this in order to gain experience from learning through the experiences that these different objects have.

Now, God is pure starlight.

Therefore, everything contains different aspects of that light.

We may not see the light shining from objects but that light is there and those with psychic vision can see the light shining from different objects.

Therefore, the answer to your question is that everything is actually made of light and projects that light and this light is, in a very real way, the connection that we have between all things.

When we meditate, we can sometimes feel ourselves flooded with light. This is the light of God – Starlight – that God can send us to reward us for approaching him in meditation.

But, at the same time, we should send that light out to the world. Either to individuals or to the whole world generally.

It is important to send this light to the world because light is life and we can strengthen the life force in people by the act of willing that light to go from us to others.

So, we both receive light and we send light.

Everything is made of light because everything is made of God’s power and God is Starlight.


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