God Tests Us

God often tests us.
Think of life as a school.
When you were at school, you were taught certain things and then, at the end of a certain time, you had a test to see what you had remembered and learned.
Life is much the same.
You go through life for a while and then, suddenly, you face a difficulty.
You say, ‘Oh no!  Not another problem’, and you battle to find the answer which eventually comes, one way or another.
Now, what is happening is this.
God lets you sail on for a while and then he sends you a problem to test your faith in him.  That is what a problem is.  It is God sending you a test to find out if you have faith that he, God, will provide the answer.
So, now you have to make a decision.
You must do one of two things.
Either you battle to find the answer to your problem yourself, or you sit down and say to God, ‘Thank you for this test of faith.  My faith in you is strong and will never waver.  So I thank you for the problem and I thank you for sending me the answer.’
If you take the first path and battle to find the answer yourself, you have failed the test.
If you take the second path, God will send you the answer and take the problem away.
What I do when God sends me a problem is this.
I sit down and thank God for the problem and the answer that I KNOW he will send, and then I do nothing.  I wait for the answer to appear.
Sometimes I have to do something like write a letter, make a phone call, speak to someone or something like that but I wait until I have to move before doing anything.  I give God the chance of sending me the answer.
Sooner or later the problem solves itself, as I knew it would.
Then I have passed the test because I trusted God to resolve my problem.
That is the message hidden in the story you quoted to me.
God sent Ibrahim a problem – killing his son – and then, at the last moment, God took the problem away.

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