Good And Bad

It seems to me that to understand about good and bad we have to return to the basic conception.

As no doubt you know, when the world – universe – multiverse – was conceived, two forces were put into play.  The first constructive and the second destructive.

I have said this before but if nothing died, which is the constructive force, and everything lived endlessly, the planet Earth would soon be choked with living things.  There would be plants, animals, people all reproducing and never dying until there would be no room for anything.

Equally, if everything died out, very soon the planet Earth would be a barren wasteland.

So a balance is required between growth and decline.

This is where the two forces come into play.

Initially, nothing is evil.  We need the negative force to keep the positive force under control.

However, just as the positive force can be manipulated by humans in an effort to create more good, so the negative force can be manipulated by humans to create more evil.

This can, of course, only be done here on Earth.  In the spirit world, nothing dies but, as spirit takes no place, there is room for everything.

Here on Earth it is a different story.

We can destroy the physical form of things here on Earth.

From that comes the concept that things on Earth are evil.  It is not so.  It is just that things on Earth can be manipulated, deformed, made to appear monstrous.  Weapons of destruction can be made.  Instruments of torture manufactured.  It is as if the devil has free reign here on Earth.  It is just evil people using the powers of the destructive forces to their own evil ends.

In spirit, nothing can be killed or deformed.  Weapons do not exist.  All things retain their pure spiritual form.

Thus I hope you can see that, compared to the spirit world, the Earth appears to be a very negative place.

All it is, is that evil people learn to use the natural destructive power given by God to keep things under control to their own evil ends.

It is man that is evil – some men/women – not the planet Earth.

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