Good Versus Evil – The Illuminati


If the controllers of the world (the Illuminati) understand that we are all one, why do they create such violence for everybody to face?


When human life is created, God sends us here to develop on our own, either turning to bad or turning to good. That way we learn by our experiences.

However, among the group we call bad, there is a small percentage of the population that are psychopaths. They, too, have their role to play in this great theatrical event that we call life. The Illuminati are often part of this psychopathic group.

Now, there is also a very negative, invisible force that we call the Archons.

They just want to destroy. I suppose that they, also, have a role to play.

Anyway, many of these psychopaths, because they will do anything they want without caring for the harm they are causing, naturally rise to great heights in the power structures of our world.

They become world leaders in all domains – the Illuminati.

The Archons latch onto these people and push them to do more and more harmful and negative things.

The result you see all around you.

This presents us good people with the opportunity to use our spirituality to combat these negative people so there is a spiritual lesson to be learned from them.

I don’t know if these psychopaths ever think of the harm that they are causing and the price that they will pay when their incarnation is finally finished.

I know that many of them have very extensive psychic training and knowledge but they use it in a negative, harmful manner. They must know of the oneness of all life but I think that they are so under the control of Archons or Reptilians – much the same thing – that they do not consider the results of their actions except in the sense of what advantages there are for themselves. Perhaps they hope that, if they eliminate most of us, the “oneness” will only really apply to them!

I do know that they cling to life as long as they possibly can so it is possible that they are scared to die.

The Archons and the reptilians are immortal so they are not involved with our life and death cycle. They just cause as much harm as possible.

But rest assured that us goodies will gradually win and chase both the psychopaths and their masters, the Archons and the reptilians, from our reality.


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