Gravity and Dark Matter

Dear Bob, being a PhD physicist/university lecturer-senior researcher, I would also like to kindly ask if your spiritual guides could elaborate on the following:
1) Is the main force of the universe (regarding e.g. the formation of galaxies or cluster of galaxies) electromagnetic or gravitational?
2) Is ”quantum gravity” a wrong or right way to turn to, in order to understand just a bit of the universe?
3) Does Dark-matter exist or is it just a ”human” unrealistic perception, so we need to look into a different way?

Answer to Q1:
This is not something one can answer in a few words.
The truth of the matter is that all that exists in any area, any dimension of our multiverse – or any other multiverse for that matter – is a point of life, a singularity.
Now life, in its basic sense, is a form of vibration.
It was described in the Bible as ‘the word’ but that was because simple peasant people would not have understood ‘vibration’.
So, we start off with a singularity vibrating at a certain frequency.
We could call this electric but that would not be exactly true.
The vibration we mentioned is actually a spiritual force created by the force we call God.

Now, we do realise that science sometimes confuses spiritual forces with religion and, quite rightly, rejects religion but, at the same time, rejects spiritual.
The problem is that there is no word in the English language that accurately describes spiritual because, in truth, all that exists in science is closely connected to spiritual forces and thus the two – science and spiritual forces – go hand-in-hand, one being a different way of describing the other and are not opposing forces.

Then we have to understand that all that exists in our reality is illusion. There is, in reality, one tiny point we call a singularity and that creates something we call consciousness which, in turn, creates the illusion of all that we see or that science studies.

We hope you will realise that we have just touched on trying to answer your question and that we could fill books trying to explain fully what you ask.
So, we hope you will forgive us if we say that the main force of the universe is a vibration – just one vibration – and that anything that science tries to measure is actually illusion.
One cannot understand science until one develops within oneself the level of spirituality necessary to understand how life is.

So, the force that draws matter together to create planets or galaxies is actually consciousness, as quantum physics is trying to puzzle out.
Therefore, the main force of the universe is neither electromagnetic nor gravitational.
It is consciousness creating illusion and illusion is what science studies.

Answer to Q2:
We have answered this in question one.

Answer to Q3:
Dark matter is, in a way, very similar to anti-matter.
To keep life in balance there has to be illusionary matter and thus illusionary antimatter.
Equally, dark matter is the opposite to matter.
We imagine matter to exist so we need, to keep life in balance, the opposite which we call dark matter.
Now, we explained above that there is actually only one frequency.
This is true.
But, when illusion is created, we need to create multiple vibrational states to create what we call matter. It is all illusion but appears real.
Within this false reality everything vibrates to separate frequencies: you vibrate at a frequency and I at another.
But life always needs to be in balance so, for every object vibrating at frequencies we can see or measure, there are an equal number of objects vibrating at frequencies we cannot see.
This is dark matter.

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