Greek Gods

The Greek gods were visualised by psychic people from much earlier races, who, when these races were in primitive form, searched for answers.

We refer, particularly, to the Atlanteans. They were not always the advanced group that they became. Like all peoples they started out in ignorance.

However, they had a concept of God and had also an intuitive instinct that life came from somewhere.

We now know that the Earth was populated by the directors of life but these early Atlanteans had no means of finding this out and, thus, they concentrated their thoughts on where humans came from.

Certain psychic members of the Atlantean group explored the Etheric planes and discovered the concept of the signs of the Zodiac.  As we have mentioned before, as these personality traits were traced to higher dimensions and as the psychics might well have sensed the etheric planets that develop the zodiacal personalities but required something solid to link to, they attributed certain star clusters to these personality traits.

This was the beginning of the myths of external forces controlling people. Later, of course, when Atlantis developed and the truth concerning life was known, the concept of these star clusters having any connection to life was dropped.

Once the zodiac system was in place, it was a short step to imagining god like beings sitting in heaven deciding the fate of people.

Once the Atlantean’s were decimated, by an ELE, nevertheless, sufficient remained around the earth to restart human life and, gradually, the old concepts of zodiac systems in the heavens and the old concept of God deciding fate was reborn.

And so, it was passed down to the Greeks and Romans and, indeed, is still alive in many countries and cultures albeit in modified form with altered names.

Over the long years, the names of these Gods has altered but their power and functions has remained in primitive cultures.

Even in modern religions remain saints purporting to have powers over certain aspects of life, finance, health, luck and so on.

None of it is true, of course but the root of God worship – apart from the prime creator – can be traced back to the signs of the Zodiac.

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