What Happens To Animals When They Die?

Wild animals, when they die, go to a sort of spiritual place where they live for a while, in peace together, until, gradually, their life essence is reabsorbed into the collective power and their spirits are recycled.

However, there is a spiritual law called the law of mutual attraction.

What this means, in relation to pets, is that, when there is love, there can be no separation.

So beloved pets, when there is true love between the animal and its “owner”, can and do go to our heaven.

There they await our demise and, from then on, can live with us in the Summerland for long years, in perfect peace.

Eventually, if we start to rise to higher levels of spirituality, the pet can no longer follow and will then fade and its soul will be recycled.

However, when this happens, both the pet and the owner, will have realised that this final separation is inevitable and both parties accept that it has to happen.

The parting is gradual and is done by agreement by both the pet and the owner.

So there is no sadness.


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