Hat Man, Shadow Man, Hag

The concept of hat man, shadow man and the hag is the result of collective consciousness working in the etheric realms to produce thoughts, some of which would resemble people.
These people (etheric forms) are often called hat man, shadow man, the hag and the reptilian in the English language.
Reptilians will not be discussed here as some of them are a special case and have a greater connection to 3D realm than others but are also to be found in the etheric realm alongside hat man etc.

Now, hat man, shadow man and the hag are thought forms found in the etheric realm, the result of people’s collective anxieties.
People tend to see them when awakening from sleep as, at that moment, the ability to see into the etheric realm is greater.
One should also say that, as we advance into this so called “ascension” movement, the veil between our 3D realm and the etheric is thinning and some people are able to see into that realm and thus observe the creatures – thought forms –  that are to be found in that realm.
Being just thought forms, they have no reality but thoughts are powerful things and so many of these creatures appear very solid and powerful. But they are just illusion and, if one can accept that fact, one can reduce their power and influence over us.
They take the form that they do because, being negative thought forms created by people who are in an emotionally disturbed condition, they take the form that most clearly represents fear to most people.

For instance, hat man.  He appears as a tall, thin person with a menacing attitude and wearing a hat.
Now, the symbolism is this.  When we were children we would be intimidated by tall, mean looking, menacing people, clearly trying to overpower us.
The concept of some school teachers comes to mind or an unpleasant parent.
The hat further enhances the concept of authority.
Policemen wear hats.
Army people wear hats.
When there are ceremonial occasions and high people parade showing their robes and symbols of authority, they usually have a hat of some sort.
Thus the hat is connected with power and dominance.
Thus the etheric thought form takes that shape.

Years ago, it was customary for all people to demonstrate their social class by their head apparel: the working class wore cloth caps, business people wore bowlers and the higher people wore top hats.  These top hats gradually became taller and taller as the Victorian era progressed until people of high social status wore what is known as “stove pipe hats”.  Bob’s comment.

The Hag is similar but the difference is, of course, that the hag appears as a horrible female person, the opposite of any female that we would call beautiful.
This concept comes, partly, from human’s desires to be good looking, well dressed etc., and the fear of growing old and ugly and, partly, from a general fear of life not turning out as they had hoped.
People are scared of growing old, poor, lonely and abandoned by all society.
This fear creates the hag form in the astral.

Lastly, among the beings that we will discuss today is shadowman.
This, quite simply, is the etheric representation of our fear of not marking a place in society.
When we are young it is normal to want to become someone who makes a lasting impression on life.
But for many that dream is not fulfilled.
Thus they create, in the etheric realm, this wispy, insignificant being that, nevertheless, appears angry and belligerent.
This is the result of people’s disappointment of how their lives turned out.

This is a brief overview of some of the creatures that live in the etheric.

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