Heaven & Hell

I have tried many times to explain what heaven and hell is but I will try again.
There is this place in the spirit realms that we called Heaven. It is an area that is connected to our true personalities.
As you know, there are good people and there are bad people and there are many in between.
Now when we go to heaven, we take with us our true personalities.
Thus in heaven there are good people, bad people and many that are just ordinary.
There is a law called the law of mutual attraction.
In heaven we are drawn to a level of the Heavenly spheres that corresponds to how we are.
So good people go to a fairly high level of Heaven, ordinary People go in the middle and bad people go to one of the many levels of what we call hell.
But hell is just one of the levels of what we call Heaven.
Once there, people who feel sorry for what they have done can gradually work their way back towards the lighter areas. So no one is stuck in hell forever. But hell, of which there are many levels, is just part of the whole heavenly area. It is all one large area from very dismal places up to very bright places.
We are drawn to wherever we need to go by our personalities and the law of mutual attraction.


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