There are two forms of homosexuality.

One happens between people who were born into the wrong bodies ; a male spirit born into a female body or vice versa. This is true homosexuality.

The second type is pushed on young people approaching puberty, that feel the natural confusion in their bodies that adolescence causes.

Evil people take advantage of this in schools, on Internet and on these different Facebook forums, to push young people to think of homosexuality as a normal and good thing. They encourage young people to try it.

This is evil as it is designed to cause confusion and also to promote illnesses, both physical and emotional, that would otherwise not occur.

True homosexuality is perfectly acceptable but the second sort is evil.

I will also say that the object of sexual relations is to promote the furtherment of that species, be it animal or human.

With homosexuality this cannot occur thus it must, a priori, be unnatural.

However, I do not condemn the first type.

I do not condemn the victims of the second type but I feel that those evil, misguided people promoting it will pay a heavy price when their lives are finished.


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