Hi Bob, I wanted to know what you know about homosexuality (gay, lesbian) and if it is something viewed as negative. I’ve tried to read YouTube comments from your videos but couldn’t find anyone that had asked you in the comments. Thank you!


There are two sorts of homosexuals, the true ones and those who are pushed to experiment with it by evil people.

  1. The true homosexuals.

As you should know by now, we humans are actually a spiritual force that animates a physical body, which is just a sort of puppet. Now, the spiritual part of us, as it descends down through the realms towards Earth, is given a sexual orientation: either male or female.

So, normally, a male entity is born in a male body and a female entity is born in a female body.

However, sometimes things go wrong and a male spirit might be born in association with a female body. In this case a homosexual will be formed and the person will play the part of the man.

Equally, a female spirit might be born in association with a male body and the person would be a homosexual but play the part of the woman.

  1. The false homosexuals.

For some years now there have been a number of associations that push gay/lesbian rights and promote the virtues of “transgender” experiments.

This has created a climate in which it is considered normal and even beneficial to create same sex relationships.

In true homosexuals it is normal but in “normal” people, it is evil.

At the back of all this false homosexuality are the Archons. They take everything that is good, turn it upside down and make it bad.

So, what they have done in this case, is to push educationalists and various associations to promote homosexuality instead of promoting heterogenic sexuality .

Young people, as they go through the adolescent crises that we all go through as our bodies change and we realise that we have a sexual component to us, today, instead of just being told that boys should go out with girls and girls should go out with boys are being heavily influenced by teachers and associations promoting the homosexual concept.

They don’t call it by its true names any more ; sodomy and so on. They invent more acceptable names for the same acts; gay and so on.

So, many young people are totally confused, and experiment with these, to normal people, unnatural acts.

It has all been planned to create confusion – divide and conquer.

It is causing exactly the chaos and division that was planned long years ago.

That is my take on the homosexual situation today.


Hi Bob, thank you for answering that question. I guess my question would be regarding the “true homosexuals”. You had mentioned that things “go wrong” in the process of the creation of a male entity with a female physical body and female entity with a male physical body. (I’m not talking about transgender people). So being that something went wrong, is that person a “mistake” or that they won’t achieve spiritual growth compared to a heterosexual person? I do have best friends and family that are openly gay and they are very compassionate and loving and very positive. So just wondering what your thoughts are. Thanks Bob!


In order to explain, I will go back over what happens when this “mistake” occurs.

Now, as the fetus is growing in the womb, the guides and helpers that live in the spiritual realms can’t actually see the physical body of the fetus, they sense the energies coming from it.

Thus they sense that it is either a boy or a girl.

So, they ask the appropriate Oversoul to create either a male or female spirit force.

However, as we have already discussed, sometimes the energies read by the spiritual guides are wrong – no one is perfect – and so the wrong spiritual orientation has been created.

The Oversoul created a boy when the fetus is a girl, or the other way around.

Then a decision has to be made. These guides have one of three choices.

  1. They either try to find a new soul to incarnate of the same sexual orientation as the fetus.
  2. They cease to send the spirit down, in which case the baby will be stillborn .
  3. They allow the process to continue, in which case a homosexual is born.

In the latter case, it provides a great opportunity for all concerned to grow in spirituality as they either accept the person, or to decline in spirituality if they reject the person.

Always remember that we are here to learn in this great university of life.

So the homosexual child is born. Then comes a tremendous challenge for the child as he/she realises that they are different from the rest of us and we realise that they are different from us.

In some countries the homosexual will be tortured or killed in the false belief that they are possessed by a demon.

In others, particularly in the distant past, they were worshiped as gods.

They are neither of these things.

They are just people born into the wrong body.

All the homosexual person asks is to be accepted as he/she is. Neither a devil nor a god but just someone having an incarnation as are we all.

So, for those who are not homosexuals, it presents us with the challenge of overcoming our prejudices and accepting them as they are. This is very difficult for many people who have been indoctrinated by religions to regard homosexuality as abhorrent so we have all the separation that, once again, is a delight to the Archons and to those actively engaged in separating people because of different religions, skin colour, place of birth and so on.

In reality, we are one people, one race.

But, we have the “normal” people disgusted at the concept of homosexuality and, on the other hand, the homosexual community who feel obliged to band together to defend their way of life.

Our job is to “Judge not”, and to accept all people as they are. To reject separation and to join together as one race all struggling to rise in spirituality as we go through our difficult incarnations.

This incarnation provides the person concerned with a unique chance to grow in spirituality as he/she faces all the challenges that their condition present. So, from a spiritual growth point of view, it takes them to a level of opportunity that few of us face.

From the “straight” communities point of view it also provides them with the chance to grow if they can overcome their prejudices and accept these “different” people as they, themselves, hope to be accepted.


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