How Cloning Works

All life is created from the atoms of a previous life.
A human baby, for instance is created from the living sperm and ova of its parents and then is grown in the womb of its mother.
But, once the life force of sperm and egg (male and female) join, the gestalt begins and then a baby can grow for a while in a test tube.

Now, even a cloned animal (or person) requires this initial life force from sperm and egg. Without that nothing can grow.

So, this concept of taking a blood sample and growing a living person from it is not quite true.
It requires sufficient male elements, placed inside a female egg to kick off the growth process.
It must have both male and female elements present – DNA from both parents, which are present in the blood and tissue of everything.

So, although it is called cloning and implies a carbon copy of its mother, nothing could be farther from the truth.
It is merely another way of joining male DNA with female DNA.

Thus, it is given the logos – the authority from God to be alive.

Unfortunately, this somewhat artificial manner of joining male and female DNA introduces certain anomalies which can shorten the life of the cloned entity.

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