How Minds Are Read

It is quite easy for a trained person to reach out through one of his auras and link with someone else.

This person could be a good person or could be an evil person but they both use the same technique.

You have seven auras associated with your physical body. They are an essential part of you and interact with your physical body via your different chakra points – one of them being the heart chakra.

Now, the “medium”, for want of a better word, reaches out with his mind, goes into his auras and one of them can reach out and touch one of your auras. Then the medium adjusts the frequency of his aura to match the frequency of your aura and an exchange of information can take place. Your mind is connected to your auras so, if the auras link, the medium can link with your mind via your auras.

Information is transferred from your mind, into your auras, into the medium’s auras and into his mind.

  • That is the way telepathy works.
  • That is the way remote viewing works.
  • That is the way healing works.
  • That is the way telekinesis works only, in this case, the medium takes control of an object rather than the mind of a person.

Now, obviously, depending on the intentions of the medium, he can read your thoughts to a certain extent and project thoughts into your mind.

If the person is evil he can project evil thoughts into your mind. If he is good, he can project good, loving, healing thoughts into your mind.

A good medium would never look into your personal life. Indeed, he would not go beyond what you give him permission to do.

With an evil medium, he will get all the information that he can so that he can use it against you.


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