How to protect from psychic and spiritual attacks?

The trick with being impervious to attacks as you suggested is to be of a higher level, spiritually, than the attacker.
The only way to do this is through prayer, meditation and by serving God by helping all life – people, animals and plants – when appropriate.
Gradually, if you do this, you will rise spiritually above the level of the attackers. So you will build a shield of God power around you that will protect you.
You must never take aggressive action against any person or entity that tries to attack you. You must send the power of God, with your mind, to these things and visualize them surrounded by the love of God. That will stop any attack.
But you must practice prayer and meditation regularly and be constantly on the lookout for the opportunity to help at all times.
Do not impose yourself on anyone or anything but if you see a person, animal or plant that needs help, give it.
Also, never kill anything. Do not walk on bugs or ants, for example. If you can become vegetarian, or even better, vegan, do so.
In other words, lead as spiritual a life as you can. Then nothing can attack you.

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