This state that occurs just as one falls asleep or just as one wakes up is perfectly natural.

Now what happens is this.

You have a brain, which is a physical object that controls your body and you have a mind which is the spiritual equivalent and is the one that actually tells the brain what to do, but the mind, being not physical (or non-physical) is also in touch with the astral realms.

When you fall asleep, your brain switches off – just keeping your vital functions going – and your mind takes over which, as it is connected to the etheric realms, is where dreams come from.

However, there is more to the etheric realm than just dreams. It is a living planet very much like the planet we live on except that it is in a different dimension.

There are creatures and beings living in the etheric world just as there are creatures and beings living in our world.

So, it is possible that in the few moments between falling asleep or waking up your brain can be partially awake whilst your mind is also awake and so you can get into your physical brain images from the non-physical mind.

That is all that is happening.

For a few seconds you can see into both worlds, the physical world that you live in normally and the etheric world that your mind can be in touch with as and when you sleep.


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