If All Are One, Who Is The One?

First, let me say that what I tell you is not from me. It is from a group called the Great White Brotherhood. What they tell me is the result of their collective wisdom that they have taken a long time to consider.

What or who is that one person? Good question. If we take an onion and, gently, remove the skins one by one, what would we see at the end? Well, that depends at what point of the process we stop. If you keep going long enough, you would finish up with nothing. Not very helpful!

So, let’s take a human and do the same. We remove the physical body, and we find all the spiritual layers. We remove them one by one. Then, finally, we find the God Spirit. So, we take that away and, much to our surprise, we find … nothing. So, that one person that you are looking for is nothing, which is everything.

That is what the basis of life is. It is just a thought. That is all. It is the twinkle in your father’s eye that resulted in you being born. The basis of all existence is just a thought, a desire.

At the very root of everything is just God’s desire to create everything.
God, not being a physical force in any sense that we could understand, is best thought of as a thought.
All that exists is just the result of thoughts.

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