Is Incarnation On Earth A Privilege?

The answer to your question about coming here is a privilege, is both yes and no.

Out of all the possible places that young spirits could go to gain experience, only a few come to Earth. We are among the few – our guides, generally, were also among the few.

Now, the reason that we come here is because, initially, we refused to realise that we were part, and whole, of God. Those that did, went somewhere else.

But we were the arrogant ones that refused to learn about God.

So we come here, to the school of hard knocks, to learn about God.

So that is why we come here.

That is why we have people like Jesus and Buddha as teachers.

Now, as I have often said, Earth is the only planet that has physical life on the surface.

So, out of all the multiverse, planet Earth is quite unique. Can you imagine to other beings, living in the astral realms, how appealing this planet must be? The only one in all the multiverse that has life on the surface as opposed to life in astral form!

So, to us it may seem like a hell hole and we can’t wait to leave, but to others it is absolutely amazing – the ultimate Disney world!


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