Is God a he or a she?

The answer is both simple and twofold.
First, most people are used to hearing God spoken of as “he”. Now, the GWB are perfectly aware that God actually doesn’t exist in any way that we have language to describe. In fact, strange as this may seem, if you were able to link with God now – at this moment – you would find yourself in a place where absolutely nothing exists. Can we imagine being in a place where nothing at all exists: no space, no time, no thoughts, no air, nothing at all? That is where God is. But you can’t see, God because God does not exist in any way that we are capable of imagining.
But the GWB realise that people long ago, and even today, could not imagine that the greatest force in the multiverse does not really exist in any way that we have words to describe. Even today, most people would find such a description of God as meaningless and would reject that truth.
So, to talk about God in a way that anyone can understand, the GWB go with the flow and describe God as “he”. It is so as to be able to concentrate people’s minds on the point being made and not confuse people with this abstract concept of a being that existed before the so called “big bang”, before the universe was constructed, when there was nothing except God.
Second, it is, or used to be, considered correct in well written English, when describing people, to say “him”, “he” and so on.
It might sound a bit sexist today but that is how it is.
So, to sum up.
To avoid confusion the GWB go along with common parlance in calling God HE, as it is in the Bible and most books speaking about God.
Second, the word HE was chosen because that is the way the English language is constructed.

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