Is It Better To Give Than To Receive?

Jesus spoke about giving to the poor.

Sometimes it is easy, in that, one can see someone who needs help, so any money given, goes directly to that needy person.
There are other situations, where organisations collect money on behalf of a third party. From the point of view of trust, it is more difficult, in that the money does not go directly to the needy person but we give to someone and hope that they will give it to the needy person.
In these circumstances, we can be sure that some amount of money will be siphoned off to cover expenses. It is not unknown for virtually all the donated money to be siphoned off.
So, what should our attitude be?
We are told to help the poor but what do we do if we are not sure of how much is given to the poor and how much is siphoned off for expenses?
This is where we need to use spiritual judgement.
It is easy to donate – either a single donation or a monthly subscription – and forget about it.
Equally, we can be sceptical and not give anything.

Our advice is to give and give freely.
If someone cheats us by putting most of the collected money in his pocket, instead of giving it to the needy, it is not our concern.
We have been asked to give for a good cause and we do so.
We give in good faith.
Thus, we trust the people to whom we give the money.
If they cheat us, that is their karma not ours.

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